Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Regional Settings

I Found some unexpected behavior on a DPM server that is configured with an English OS, but with the Dutch regional settings.

When using the command: set-dpmGlobalproperty –DPMserverName <servername> -TapewritePeriodRatio 0.2 (this command configures the DPM settings for marking tapes ready for offsite storage)

This command works and the settings seem to be update.


When you after that request the active settings with the command: get-dpmGlobalproperty –DPMserverName <servername> TapewritePeriodRatio. You get the value back in the Dutch regional format, which is 0,2. (see above)


The workaround is to configure the server with US regional settings at least for the decimal symbol and digit grouping symbol

Thanks to Peer for his help on this.

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