Friday, January 15, 2010

DPM 2010 RC: Release date

Just attended the webcast on the DPM 2010 release candidate. Great session…

The session is available for download here

The RC version of DPM 2010 will be release by Microsoft early Februari

Good news is that the current beta version can be upgraded to the RC version and later on to the final version.

New in the Release candidate (in compare to the beta)

  • Support for workgroup machines !!!
  • Active directory protection
  • SQL end-user recovery

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

DPM2010 RC Webcast Q&A

Below an overview of the questions asked diuring the DPM2010 RC webcast and the response from the Microsoft DPM team

Question: woohoo! So there is no reason we cant "go live" with 2010 when the RC comes out?
Answer: Absolutely. We'd love that.
Question: We went live with 2010 beta because 2007 beta let you upgrade to RC and release. Couldn't find info on if this is the case with 2010, can you awnser that? Not a huge issue if we have to reset our disk to disk but it would be nice :). Thanks!
Answer: You can upgrade Beta -> RC -> RTM
Question: Will virtual tape backups still be available in 2010
Answer: VTLs remain supported
Question: When will DPM 2010 RC be released?
Answer: Early February
Question: Will ILR still require the Hyper-V role on Win2008 R2 with the DPM RC?
Answer: Yes. We depend on the Hyper-VVHDdriver
Question: The beta has changed the behaviour for Windows clients - they now have to be in a separate protection group, and they have no system state backup. Is this a permanent change?
Answer: Yes, that is a permanent change.
Question: Will DPM 2010 support backing up to USB drives without having to purchase 3rd party software?
Answer: No. We will take that feedback in the next release. With third party products like CristaLink FireStreamer will work in DPM 2010。
Question: is 2010 going to support iron mountains offsite solution? and if so, is iron mountain just basically using a secondary dpm server at their location, or do they have something beyond that?
Answer: yes. DPM 2010 will continue support with IRM offsite solution. They have a different backup technology for offsiting and dont have secondary DPM server on the cloud
Question: Hi, Is there any improvements in management of tapes in DPM 2010? In 2007 is very little configuration you can do, not very flexible...
Answer: We have made substantial investments in tape backup reliability and have made incremental feature investments. In case you are passiobate about any feature in particular please drop a note in the DPM Newsgroup
Question: When can we expect RTM?
Answer: RC - Feb first week. RTM - Spring 2010
Question: We're advising clients to use DPM 2010 now as part of our designs; will the final retal version require any reinstallations if running Release Client?
Answer: Nope. Seamless upgrades
Question: Any chance the console will allow installation on a remote server for management, to avoid the RDP shuffle?
Answer: You could use the RemoteApp functionality in Windows Server 2008 to view the console remotely rather than logging on explicitly
Question: Is Exchgange 2003 support going to be bettern (no need to copy dlls, easier and more robust recovery of mailboxes)?
Answer: The E2K3 support remains the same. We cannot redist Exchange binaries.
Question: Can I test a 2010 DPM server in an environment already using 2007?
Answer: Yes
Question: can i make an inplace upgrade from beta to rc to RTM?
Answer: Yes
Question: is it possible to backport scripts from 2010 to 2007?
Answer: Most of them should just work. Few extensions.
Question: Are there any additional features/functionality in 2010 vs 2007 regarding backing up the DPM server with third-party tape backup applications (such as IBM TSM)? It seems to be a common scenario that the windows systems group uses DPM and then the enterprise backup group backs that up with a 3rd party system.
Answer: DPM 2010 comes with the DPM writer which allows backup up the DPM data in the DPM storage Pool to tape use a Tape Archival product of your choice
Question: Can Jason really talk underwater? :-)
Answer: Of course he can :)
Question: Does the Beta version backup Exchange 2010 DAG?
Answer: Yes it does.
Question: Will DPM 2010 also require a recidilous amount of free space on Windows 2008 R2 to make a System State backup?
Answer: Yes. No change on that.
Question: Are there significant improvements in reporting? Reporting was one of the areas that was pretty lacking in 2007 as far as getting information about what the current status of things is as well as what happened in the past. Such as tape backups, when they happened, what size backups were etc etc.
Answer: We've extended some support. You can use the DB Views to build more reports.
Question: Two take issues I experience with the 2007 version were not being able to exlude an days from longer term backs to tape to prevent weekend tape creation, and DPM not being aware of write protected tapes in a library. Have either of these been addressed?
Answer: Both of them are addressed :)
Question: I cannot hear anything am i not suppose to>
Answer: please signout and sign back in
Question: Can we download the slides? I don't see them in the Live Meeting "handout".
Answer: Please do a right click and select the Print option
Question: where can i find a listing of all 2010 scripts that will work & supported on 2007?
Answer: THere is no such list. However most Powershell cmdlets have been extended and not broken.
Question: In the beta, it looks like from Hyper-V, if you set a backup to use a snapshot method, if over time something happens where DPM decides it can't use that any longer, DPM will flip to a save-state method. There doesn't appear to be a way to tell it to just error out so that it won't take down critical VMs. Is that still the case going forward?
Answer: backing up using saved state does not bring the VMs.
Question: this may not be within the scope of this webinar, but do you know if any dpm clients dont use tapes at all and just use the iron mountain solution for off site storage?
Answer: yes. Several customers use DPM DR as replacement for tape. Some use cloud backups form IRM as well.
Question: Will DPM2010 be able to protect SQL DB's in a failover cluster?
Answer: Yes of course
Question: Does it support SBS2003? Or work if it's "not supported"?
Answer: Supported
Question: Will Microsoft provide the cloud based DPM server?
Answer: Yes. In the works. Not in DPM 2010.
Question: backing up Hyper-V is there any pausing of the VHD?
Answer: Hyper-V backup has two types of backup - Save state and Child partition. Save state backup needs to save the VM, backup and restore state of VM. Child partition backup works without causing any downtime of VM.
Question: I was very disappointed with the updates to DPM 2007 with things like Exhange 2010 support. I love DPM 2007 and am looking at upgrading but am concerned about the lack of timely updates for DPM 2007. Every other vendor has a current product out that supports Exchange 2010 except for DPM. What is the teams commitment to keep updates for new Microsoft products when they are released as apposed having to wait for a while new version?
Answer: Totally committed. DPM 2010 has first class support for E2010
Question: [private] Wow, congrats... 300+ attendees...
Answer: Thanks!
Question: Is there any implementation of tape pools that can be set up and allocated to specific protection groups. For example if I have 3 LTO4 tapes in a library can I make sure that only my Exchange protection group uses them versus the 4 LTO3 tapes that I would like used for my file server protection group? (IM so tired of DPM 2007 randomly picking free tapes from the library)
Answer: We have kept the design simple. Thanks for the feedback. We will keep it in mind for the next release.
Question: Is bare metal recovery now fully integrated? Does it support SIS for Win2k8+?
Answer: yes. BMR is now integrated in DPM 2010. However, SIS is not supported for it.
Question: Will DPM 2010 support decreasing the size of the replica and recovery point volumes without having to completet delete the backup and recreate it?
Answer: Yes, DPM 2010 provides ability to shrink volumes as well
Question: Thanks. Wasn't on the list :-)
Answer: :)
Question: Will the RC be available early to MSDN or Technet subscribers?
Answer: Will be a public download
Question: DPM historically has gone "overkill" for us on the recommended size for Exchange volumes. Is this being tuned downward?
Answer: Yes. We've addressed this based on feedback
Question: In DPM 2007, all agent machines need to be Domain-Joined. Is this still required in DPM 2010?
Answer: Workgroup and untrusted domains are supported in DPM 2010
Question: Is SharePoint item level recovery possible for MOSS2007 without the Recovery Farm? It sounded like this was only for MOSS 2010.
Answer: Only MOSS 2010. Needed work from Sharepoint product.
Question: what is SAP?
Answer: "System Analysis and Program Development
Question: Will disks be able to be used as long-term storage?
Answer: You can use disk for long term with solutions like FireStreamer
Question: How about file grain recovery for exchange down to the indiviudal messages
Answer: Not in DPM 2010. On our roadmap.
Question: Restore emails with a mailbox in Exchange or just the whole mailbox?
Answer: Not in DPM 2010. On our roadmap.
Question: If using VSS hardware providers with DPM2010, which are installed on the Hyper-V host + the hotfix, will we need a hardware snapshot license for the storage?
Answer: Typically you would need a license - depending on your SAN vendor
Question: Splitting a SQL server backup between protection groups (in the beta) causes auto-protection to be disabled. Excluding a DB also causes this. Will either or both be addressed?
Answer: The behavior remains same.
Question: If I am backing up Hyper-V hosts can I restore specific SQL databases as well as items?
Answer: You can restore the files and mount them.
Question: Is there support for long term backup to disk only elminating the need for tape?
Answer: You can achieve this by using software like FireStreamer which virtualizes disk as tape
Question: will you support remote administration? currently the DPM MMC cannot be run or installed on remote clients
Answer: Not in DPM 2010. On our roadmap.
Question: Is it now best practice to split Exchange and SQL backups to separate protection groups from your file workloads?
Answer: Doesnt really matter. PGs should define protection policy intents.
Question: WIll data colocation on disk be covered on this presentation?
Answer: Any specific questions?
Question: DPM 2007 required two way trust across domains to protect SQL, is this still the case?
Answer: DPM 2010 will support backup with one way trust as well
Question: Can you restore a single mailbox item for the user with DPM 2010?
Answer: Not in DPM 2010. On our roadmap.
Question: On my previous question, backing up a 200 GB VM via save state will cause it to stop responding to pings and the outisde world for a matter of minutes. If it's a web server hosting a production site, that's very important. We've seen issues where if a computer really needs a defrag or is low on free space, DPM will flip from the snapshot method to save-state. It is very important that we have an option to not force this to be automatic. You didn't answer the question of if such an option will exist.
Answer: DPM does not have the capability to control the type of backup for a VM. Its determined by the Hyper-V VSS writer.
Question: Will Bare Metal Recovery use VSS the same way as the System State? Will this have the same problem of using a ridiculous amount of space on the DPM server?
Answer: Bare Metal Backups will go directly to DPM server without a staging space on the protected machine
Question: When doing DPM to DPM protection it is very cumbersome to select the datasources from the first DPM server to be protected on the second. Could you make that easier?
Answer: Lots of perf and usability improvements in DPM 2010
Question: Just to clarify - SQL backups will have auto-protection only if you have it within a single protection group, and don't exclude any databases?
Answer: Yes
Question: Is it ok if I run DPM server as virtual machine on Hyper-V and install Hyper-V role inside guest for ILR?
Answer: You cannot enabled Hyper-V role inside a VM.. and hence ILR wont work
Question: we have 2 data centers, both with production data. will 2010 support the dpm servers in either data cetner backing up the other as sort of a dual primary/secondary role? or will we still not have secondary protection at one of our two data centers?
Answer: Yes. Cyclic protection is supported in DPM 2010.
Question: Any Tape Management enhancements in DPM2010?
Answer: Any specific asks?
Question: will hyper-v item level include the ability to restore System State as well as individual files?
Answer: Only files within the vhds can be resotored.
Question: Can we clarify the bare metal recovery optionss? DPM 2007 (v2) requires SRT. I can see bare metal recovery as an option in the DPM console in the demo... however the presenter mentioned SRT will still be required for Server 2003 clients.
Answer: For Windows Server 2008 and above, it is supported in DPM as shown in the demo. For Windows Server 2003, you'll need SRT
Question: With DPM 2010, will it be possible to only backup Calendars in Exch 2010?
Answer: DPM backs up at the granularity of Exchange databases
Question: I'm asking for tape library partitioning
Answer: Hardware partitioning will work seamlessly. Also Library Sharing between multiple DPMs is supported.
Question: We've been hitting the limits with the maximum amount of provisioned recovery points - is this limit still there on 2010?
Answer: With W2K8 R2...that limit goes up!
Question: Removing libraries used to be a problem. Is that possible in DPM2010?
Answer: No known issues.
Question: The beta does not have a concept of "enabling secondary protection" on a primary. You just go in and tick it as part of a protection group. This presently can cause a crash if you select a non-existent host (which will show up if you've previously backed it up and then disable it). There seems a level of sloppiness in the approach, although I appreciate endeavours to make it faster and more streamlined. Is this undergoing continued improvement before RC/RTM?
Answer: thanks for teh feedback. I am not aware of a crash in that flow and sorry for the trouble. please do post on our newsgroup with the details of the issue and we'll look into it
Question: Are you aware on any partners that will provide integration for Vmware virtual machines?
Answer: We are not aware of any.
Question: Can we expect support for SQL Server 2008 R2 and Essential Business Server 2008 R2 as soon as they are RTM?
Answer: Yes
Question: Autogowing volumes is sweet :-)
Answer: thanks :)
Question: If you remove a VM from Virtual Machine Manager, it deletes the VM configuration, the VHD as well as the cluster resource group and its resources. When you recover the VM to its Original Location, it fails because it cannot find the cluster resource group. Is this fixed?
Answer: The way to restore such a VM in DPM2010 has changed. Recovery the VM through the alternate location flow and once the recovery is complete, make the VM highly available.
Question: does dpm2010 support GPT disks and is there a specific size limit?
Answer: Yes. All supported limits.
Question: volumes shrink is supported?
Answer: Yes. For Recovery Point volumes
Question: I did not observe co-location for file workloads in the beta - only SQL. Is this new?
Answer: This is suppported only for client computers, SQL and Hyper-V workloads
Question: What are the criteria as to whether data can be collocated or not?
Answer: SQL, Hyper-V, Clients
Question: What are replica volumes?
Answer: DPM volumes are of two types - Replica volumes and Recovery point volumes. Replica volumes contains the actual data which is backed up and the Recovery point volume contains the different point in times of the data.
Question: I take it we can't fine tune the percentage at which the Auto-Grow Volume increases. Is that correct?
Answer: 25% or 10GB whichever is greater. We dont want too many grows since it affects the system.
Question: and replica?
Answer: not supported by VSS without losing snapshots.
Question: Great job answering questions guys!
Answer: Thanks :)
Question: I've been using the Beta for quite some time now. I receive error messages by mail when autogrow grows a volume, or when i change the manual selection in the client backup. Will this change in the RC?
Answer: Not an known issue. What is the error you get?
Question: For tape backup, is there any plan for an option to both encypt and compress data, or is that just not possible/too high of overhead?
Answer: Correct
Question: Is this the RC?
Answer: Yes. Close enough to it. RC is under final testing.
Question: Will there be an OpsMgr Management Pack available when DPM 2010 ships?
Answer: Yes. Of course.
Question: VM recovery to Original Location in DPM2010 beta works fine, as long as the cluster resource group is still available. But this is what VMM2008R2 deletes.
Answer: in that case use the alternate location recovery to the shared storage and them make the VM highly available using Failove rcluster.
Question: What is the upgrade story from DPM 2007 to DPM 2010?
Answer: In place and seamless for W2K8 upwards on X64
Question: It used to be possible to restore from tape on a DPM secondary, which could accelerate a rebuild. However the DPM volumes don't seem to be browseable from with DPM anymore - so can't do the tape restore. Is this no longer going to be possible?
Answer: Media Load is still supported. In the DPM 2010 console the path to the storage location for the datasource is listed.
Question: When is the anticipated release of RC?
Answer: First week of Feb
Question: Does DPM 2010 still require anti-virus software to delete rather than quarantine/flag suspect files to avoid replica corruption issues?
Answer: Continue on failure will jump over these files
Question: We are no longer using slow, expensive tape for long-term storage, so 20th century, and would prefer to not use FireStreamer. Is there support for long-term disk based storage on the roadmap?
Answer: Firestreamer is a VTL that writes to disk
Question: I only have a copy of the data @ the data center using a different copy mechamise I do not have DPM as of yet will I have to go back to the remote servers or can I use the current copy of the files.
Answer: DPM provides manual replication which allows you to copy the data to DPM replica volumes manually and then you can run a consistency check to synchronize any changes between the data of the protected machines and DPM
Question: Will we a list of all the questions being asked?
Answer: The Q/A will be available later after the webcast
Question: everyone is looking for a "tape drive killer" type product. will dpm 2010 fit the bill ? i'd rather not use tapes at all for long term storage.
Answer: Secondary DPM protection is an answer.
Question: How many times will the consistency check fire in a row if it still fails?
Answer: fires only once automatically
Question: DPM is by far the best backup product I have ever used (and I've used a huge number). Please keep up the great work!
Answer: Thanks!
Question: dpm 2010 appears to be an OS type setup is that correct?
Answer: Its an application setup. Not sure if we understand the question.
Question: Does DPM 2010 do data deduplication?
Answer: DPM uses VSS technology which de-duplicates the data substantially - especially for longer retention periods as only the delta changes are stored though the entire volume view at different times are recreated.
Question: but the secondary still needs to backed off to tape, right ?
Answer: the Secondary can have coarser backup frequency and offer much longer range of retention.
Question: Could you elaborate just a bit on the "continue on failure" functionality, please?
Answer: If a file fails backup, we jump over and report a warning but give a backup.
Question: How will be Windows cliens licensed?
Answer: It will be much cheaper than the server licenses - much cheaper than the OS license for sure :)
Question: Does 2010 support any type of deduplication?
Answer: DPM 2010 provides storage optimization in terms of how different recovery points are stored in the minimum space possible. But it does not support dededuplication across machines.
Question: If we upgrade from DPM2007 SP1 to DPM2010 RC, can existing SQL database backups be consolidated into a "collocated" storage volume?
Answer: You'll need to stop protection and put them into a new protection group
Question: The Enterprise Vault filter is shown as incompatible. It works fine if you add it to the exclusion in the registry, rather than using the consistency check method of backup. You also need to set EV to not allow DPMRA.exe to recall files, but otherwise there are no issues. While it doesn't make sense to add this in with DPM, could the dev/support teams work to provide more guidance on these kinds of scenarios for admins?
Answer: DPM 2010 has a file system filter model and will not need this.
Question: longer than 64 days VSS default ?
Answer: DPM 2010 provides 64 recovery points for files and 512 recovery points for applications.
Question: Would you advise SystemState backups in a seperate PG or in the same group as the other disks and data?
Answer: System State backups typically have a different / non-frequent backup protection intent. So separate PG would be recommended.
Question: Why isnt there a movement to make all System Center console similar in navigation. In my opinion the dev team should follow the Ops Mgr standard.
Answer: THanks for the feedback!
Question: This is GREAT thanks alot!
Answer: Thanks for the support!
Question: If a protected server crashes, will DPM 2010 still fail the replica (inconsistent) and require a consistency check with a "server restarted unexpectedly" message?
Answer: Yes, a consistency check will be required in this case
Question: Can laptops be backed up through the Internet or do they require a VPN/WAN connection?
Answer: Yes
Question: Will there be any limitations on how much data and retention period with Dpm Online to Windows Azure?
Answer: Still in limited Beta.
Question: will there be a better possibilities in DPM 2010 to import and catalog tapes of which the retention date is expired?
Answer: Recatalog flows remain the same. Any feedback on them?
Question: DPM is our first choice for customers and I am very glad the product is really improved. Congratulations!
Answer: Thanks!
Question: As part of the SPLA program, can we put a DPM server at the customer's site for providing off-site backup? We host their servers here at our hosting facility?
Answer: The question is not entirely clear. DPM does provide offsite backup using tape or secondary DPM server.
Question: is it possible to do a full backup from the clients ? and then do a BMR when a machine needs to be replaces so all programs and settings will be included
Answer: Thanks for the feedback... We're supporting data backup in this release
Question: Clarification to the previous question, laptops can be backed up through the Internet?
Answer: Laptops can be backed up over VPN
Question: Does DPM2010 work together with DirectAccess for seamless backups?
Answer: On the roadmap. Being considered in DPM 2010.
Question: Is there any improvement in error reporting of tape backups? In 2007 I occasionally have a tape job fail and there is no record of the failed job in 'alerts' or etc to be able to re run the job. Is there some kind of job log that woudl allow you to re-run any previously scheduled tape backup job?
Answer: Any job failure should create an alert. If you have seen DPM 2007 eat up an alert, please write to us on the DPM newsgroups or open a support case. we will take a look.
Question: Can I configure the DR DPM-server that I have offsite to continously only store the latest backup since that is what I need in a DR scenario?
Answer: You should be able to set the retention time on the secondary DPM server to 1 day
Question: If there is a client on a laptop that is using DirectAccess server, will the backup still require a VPN?
Answer: We are looking into support for DirectAccess. there are some issues in the beta that prevents this from working
Question: Why does DPM require a consistency check when the server crashes? VSS issues? If our server with five volumes each at 2 terabytes crashes, requiring a CC on all volumes, this is a big deal for us...
Answer: The kernel mode filter which tracks changes will lose some changes. Are server crashes common?
Question: I know that FireStreamer is a VTL and writes to disk, but why require that product to archive to disk? Why can't it be an included option for long-term storage to go directly to disk, just like short-term storage does?
Answer: thanks for the feedback... we'll look into that for our next release
Question: Yes....? It works over Internet? If so this raises the security/firewall question. DPM works over random ports unless painfully configured in DCOM.
Answer: We support backup over VPN
Question: Are there plans for DPM to eventually be able to do deduplication across multiple machines/vms?
Answer: On our roadmap.
Question: DirectAccess support in DPM 2010 would be great!
Answer: Appreciate the feedback.
Question: will there be changes for licensing from 2007 to 2010
Answer: The final licensing details have not been finalized yet.
Question: Can the restore of client backup data be redirected to a different PC?
Answer: Yes. Both by admin and by end user too who owns that data :).
Question: Can i update my DPM 2007 SP1 directly to DPM2010 RC (in place upgrade) without any projected loss of data/protection groups, etc?
Answer: yes
Question: in my case, sometimes when there is a lot of data to be backed up, the synchronization will run for a while, and fail, and will report data inconsistency
Answer: You should see big improvements in DPM 2010.
Question: Have you added more statistics about backup, replication times, disk I/O used etc. Any reporting improvements?
Answer: We have a new report that allows you to view your recovery point status based on an "SLA" you want
Question: Are inplace upgrades possible from Beta to RC?
Answer: yes
Question: What is the difference between Synchronization frequency and Recovery Points? I thought every synchronization was a recovery point.
Answer: In applications which have logs/ are right. In files, you sync more often but recoveries can only happen from shadow copies (recovery points)
Question: when backing up clients, if there are multiple users on one computer, and i specify DPM to backup My Documents folder. Will it backup My Documents folder for all users automatically?
Answer: Yes
Question: is the data that copied over to DPM a word document remains a word document ....
Answer: yes
Question: If a file is open on the client (like an Outlook .pst), will the backup be taken from shadowcopy so that it can backup the locked file?
Answer: yes
Question: i may have missed client support available for xp, or only windows 7?
Answer: XP, Vista, Win7
Question: Does it works with Direct Access
Answer: On our roadmap. Being considered for DPM 2010.
Question: Is it possible to backup clients over the internet by opening specific ports on a firewall?
Answer: We support backup over VPN
Question: With SCCM, there is the consideration of "Internet Based Management" which includes downloading applications and things from the internal environment. Are there future plans to allow a similar option for the DPM product for "Internet Based Backups" (just for laptop backups)? Perhaps even with a smaller data set if the user is on the internet.
Answer: thanks for the suggestion.We are evaluating options.
Question: It would be useful to have something like FireStreamer integrated into the product. It is too scary for our management to trust in the small company with unpredictable release for support. Perhaps integrate it such that you could treat a .vhd file as a virtual tape file instead of a proprietary format (suggestion for possible future feature)
Answer: Thanks for the feedback. We'll definitely look into this
Question: Will there be any improvements to network utilisation and transfer speed. Historically it has been necessary to throttle backup speed over network to minimise issues with individual agents.
Answer: Lots of reliability improvements on agent communication issues
Question: Is there any kind of local client cache in case a user accidentally deletes or corrupts a file they created while on the road?
Answer: Yes. DPM creates a local snapshot as well...
Question: how stable is DPM2010 RC compared to DPM2007 SP1?
Answer: Ready for prime time production.
Question: does DPM 2010 support disk storage on the same drive as DPM is installed or must it be a separate volume?
Answer: We recommend to keep the install and backup on different disks
Question: in DPM 2007, there is no UI for deleting recovery points, and i need to write powershell scripts. will this change in 2010?
Answer: Not in DPM 2010
Question: With DPM 2007, when we upgraded our SQL Server 2005 instance (the default installed with DPM) from SP2 to SP3 and then Cumulative Update 6 for SP3, it broke Reporting Services. Haven't been able to fix it. Will support for SQL Server 2008 updates be promptly provided for DPM 2010?
Answer: Can you post the details to our newsgroup. This should just wrok
Question: Does the product use previos versions ... IE if I go into the data store can I see the last 14 copies of the file... ie it only copies over changes but I could go back as far as DPM would go ... ie see revisions of files.
Answer: Integrated with both on clients.
Question: My current client requires DMZ backups to be performed across firewalls. Does the dev team plan on using a specific ports for backup communications? Currently some of the communication is random.
Answer: There are two data flows in DPM. Control flow over DCOM which is over a random port picked by DCOM, but this range can be specified using registry keys. DPM cannot specify DCOM to use a particular port. Data flow is over TCP directly and that is on a specific port.
Question: Can I protect a server in a different domain?
Answer: yes
Question: Why the delay on single item recovery with exchange?????
Answer: We have the same support using RSG for item level recovery for Exchange. However E14 allows you to configure "archive" mailbox that saves your deleted items and you can recover from them.
Question: if DPM 2010 is being upgraded from RC to RTM when it's released will that require an agent update on every machine that's being protected? if so, will a reboot of each be required?
Answer: No reboots ;)
Question: I really like the workgroup protection feature too:-)
Answer: Thanks!
Question: any improvement for restoring mailboxes or mailbox level items?
Answer: We have the same support using RSG for item level recovery for Exchange. However E14 allows you to configure "archive" mailbox that saves your deleted items and you can recover from them.
Question: are the cleint backup works with SIS?
Answer: Yes
Question: My question disappeared somehow. I would like to know which version of eseutil.exe should be on DPM server in case of mixed mailbox enviroment (Exchange 2010 and 2007)?
Answer: E2010
Question: Any news on Oracle support (Windows version with VSS support)?
Answer: That's not there in DPM 2010. thanks for the feedback. we'll look into it
Question: can the agent be installed in Server Core?
Answer: Yes.
Question: sql log stay in drive in separate map if volumes out of space on dpm?
Answer: Unclear question. Can you elaborate the scenario?
Question: Woohoo! Backing up workgroup servers!!! Finally! I love you guys! :-) Does it need bi-directional communication with the ports, or can the DPM server make an outbound connection through a firewall to backup a DMZ/Web server?
Answer: bi-directional communication is needed between DPM and workgroup machine. DMZ machine backup is not supported in DPM 2010 (due to security issues around protecting DMZ machines into corpnet DPM server) but is in plans in future.
Question: Is there a special list of supported Tape Libraries? We have an IBM TS3100 with a SAS attached LTO4 drive. We're planning to move from BackupExec to DPM 2010.
Answer: Supported
Question: On a server if you protects the volumes and shares does it dedupe or would all of that data be duplicated?
Answer: We would not dedplicate across different Replica volumes
Question: my questions seems to be missed, is it possible to do a full BareMetalRestore for a CLIENT (not server), by example a business machine that has specific customized software that breaks down and needs to be replaced
Answer: No BareMetal backups for clients.
Question: If I start using DPM 2010 RC in production when it is released how much reconfiguration will be required to upgrade to RTM?
Answer: Seamless
Question: Are you going to make the ppt downloadable please? You could share it here using LM capabilities (aka
Answer: you can print to pdf and that opens a browser which allows you to save the ppt
Question: does DPM truncate SQL logs automatically? it was mentioned that with Exchange it is eseutil that truncated the logs and not DPM itself. So with SQL ...?
Answer: Successful backups truncate logs.
Question: Can the DPM 2010 client coexist with other VSS provider/writers, from other backup solutions, on the same box?
Answer: Yes. Should work without issues on clients.
Question: in dpm 2007, sometimes i assigned too much space for replica volume and recovery point volume. There is no way to adjust this volume other than re-creating the backup in dpm 2007.Can i change the size of recovery point volume and replica volume in dpm 2010?
Answer: You can now shrink the size of the Recovery Point Volume from the DPM console
Question: if DMZ machine backup is not supported, what is recommended way to back up DMZ machines? Run a separate DPM box within the DMZ?
Answer: yes. You would need to have a seperate DPM box within the DMZ.
Question: Will there be big changes between the RC and the RTM releases? I'm haivng trouble understanding that the differences will be
Answer: No changes planned.
Question: Are there also in RC configuration steps for serialization in case of backing up Hyper-V guests on Clustered Shared Volumes? I am running beta for some time now and I am impressed very much. Keep the good work guys!
Answer: the experience will be more seamless. THanks
Question: Regarding dmz backup. Virtualize them on hyper-v and just do host level vm backups. That would work, right?
Answer: Correct
Question: Is it easier to restore Exchange mailboxes in DPM2010?
Answer: We have the same support using RSG for item level recovery for Exchange. However E14 allows you to configure "archive" mailbox that saves your deleted items and you can recover from them.
Question: If upgrading from DPM 2007 to 2010, can it "convert" the numerous individual dynamic disk volumes to the new collocation volumes?
Answer: Will need a stop protection with retain data followed by reprotection with co-location.
Question: Is i possible to protect workgroup clients?
Answer: yes. You can protect workgroup clients using DPM 2010
Question: How come DPM does not support more than one protection group to the same volume?
Answer: Co-Location does this.
Question: So no brick level restore for mailboxes...
Answer: Not in DPM 2010. On our roadmap.
Question: What about interoperability with running both Windows Server Backup on a box protected by DPM? I'm running the DPM2010 beta, but also want to create WSB backups from time to time.
Answer: No interop issues.
Question: Can I please be added to TAP for DPM 2010? I cant wait for this :)
Answer: The RC will be out in about 3 weeks
Question: Does the product use previos versions ... IE if I go into the data store can I see the last 14 copies of the file... ie it only copies over changes but I could go back as far as DPM would go ... ie see revisions of files.
Answer: Yes & DPM uses VSS to maintain previos versions.
Question: With the non domain member backup can DPM back up services like MOSS?
Answer: For non-domain machines, DPM supports files, sql, exchange, hyper-v.. moss is not supported but will be in future.
Question: How is communication with a workgroup based computer secured?
Answer: NTLM
Question: can I protect one share from the same disk to another pg ?
Answer: One volume one PG
Question: I am assuming you have to remove DPM 2007 or build a new server for this?
Answer: Upgrade in place for W2K8+ and X64\
Question: Does DPM 2010 allow you to split a volume's folders between two Protection Group so that you can configure their backup frequency separately?
Answer: No, a volume can go only to a single protection group
Question: We have 4 TB of data on the same volume and the weekend is not sufficient time for backing 4 TB to tape. I have attempted to create 2 protection groups to the same volume and DPM does not allow for more than one protection group per volume. How come DPM does not support more than one protection group to the same volume?
Answer: Data changes on every volume is tracked by one file system filter and hence the behavior
Question: jason was using 2008 server r2 for the OS to deploy the dpm right?
Answer: Correct
Question: can we see any of the reporting features?
Answer: not sure if Jason's planning to demo them
Question: could the files in DPM be backup in another backup program.... iE could I just backup the datastore with backup exec...
Answer: Yes.
Question: Why using DCOM ?
Answer: DCOM is used for request/response type communication of DPM with the DPM agents. Actual data is transferred directly over TCP/IP.
Question: Will a primary DPM 2010 server be able to backup its own system state?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Does the client backup of large files (like Outlook .pst files) use some sort of remote differential compression or binary delta compression so that frequent backups of large files are more efficient?
Answer: yes, DPM finds the different blocks in the file and transfers only the ones that don't match
Question: If I configure automatic adding of SQl databases, will DPM also automatically remove protection of databse if will be deleted. I noticed in beta that I had to manually remove protection of deleted databases?
Answer: Same behavior. The reason is that if the DB is temporarily down, we dont want to delete it from protection.
Question: Is there going to be a demo of Cluster Share Volumes?
Answer: Not in this webcast.
Question: How much WAN bandwidth would i need to protect a simple file server? Is is as efficient as using DFS-R?
Answer: 512 kbps recommended
Question: is there support for FoxPro DBs ?
Answer: FoxPro DBs are not supported natively.
Question: if someone switches to a new library after PGs are created & backups are on existing library. after switching to new library, does all existing PGs automatically pick up new library without changing each PG?
Answer: There's a Powershell script available to do this for DPM 2007 as well.
Question: Can I back up to disk and long-term tape, and still do secondary protection as well?
Answer: Yes this is do-able
Question: Can DPM2010 run on a Virtual Server?
Answer: Yes it can run inside a Hyper-V VM
Question: Will the 2010 RC be supported by MS if I need to call in for support?
Answer: Newsgroup...directly supported by product group.
Question: What about cluster support, CSV, backup of HA Hyper-V VMs?
Answer: Supported!
Question: What OS will DPM 2010 require to run on? Will it only be Win2k8 R2?
Answer: WS2008 also
Question: Can you protect a DPM server with a DPM server in an untrusted domain?
Answer: No, it would need to be in a trusted domain
Question: Have the reporting functions been enhanced in 2010 relative to 2007?
Answer: There is a new report that has been added in DPM - Recovery Point Status report
Question: Can I request to see a quick reporting demo?
Answer: Not planned for today for time constraints... However you should try out the new Recovery SLA report that we have added. It gives you a good report on backup success that you can mail to your management team
Question: Is SharePoint item level recovery possible from a 2nd DPM2010 server?
Answer: Yes
Question: Just to confirm, i might have missed it, are files from clients de-duped on the DPM server?
Answer: No - files are not deduplicated from different clients
Question: Are the hw requirements of DPM2010 higher than those of DPM2007? (Except being x64 only, of course)
Answer: Nope. Same and depends on scale of data you want to protect.
Question: A limitation of backing up data in DPM 2007 SP1 is that you cant protect the same data (file/folder backup). Is this resolved in DPM 2010? Also you can't select specific files through DPM, will this be resolved?
Answer: Can you please expand on your question?
Question: Is there or will there be a list of supported and or tested tape libraries?
Answer: That's on plan to be published
Question: If I am running DPM as a Hyper-V guest and I am backing up other VM's using host level backups, can I perform item level restores of files stored on the VM's? I know this is not supported in the beta.
Answer: no. This is not allowed since DPM needs hyper-V role enabled for ILR, and hyper-V role cannot be enabled inside a VM.
Question: Do you have on your future DPM roadmap file-based backup functionality in addition to the VSS-based backups so that we could customize backups of specific folders on file servers along with the volume-level backup?
Answer: One policy
Question: If you choose the option to colocate the data so that it does not create a group for each database does it create on e for all of SQL or one partition per server or one partition per instance?
Answer: Configurable how many DBs go to a single volume. Default 30.
Question: is the express version for SQL2008 support for the DPM2010 Server, or do we need a full SQL2008 license
Answer: Full License which comes free with DPM 2010.
Question: 1. You cant backup the same folders across protection groups. Is this going to change? 2. You can't select specific files to backup only folders, will this change?
Answer: Nope. Remains same.
Question: When backing up straight to Tape, if doing an incremental of full backup it would take the same time AND amount of tape on both cases. Seems like DPM in both cases (incremental and full) took an entire snapshot to backup up. Is this changing with DMP 2010?
Answer: that should not be the case, can you share more details?
Question: What is the minimum bandwith between two site?
Answer: 512 kbps
Question: Does DPM2010 support backing up Threat Management Gateway servers?
Answer: Not in DPM 2010
Question: Will there by any books from Microsoft Press on DPM? Will there be a new MCTS exam on DPM 2010?
Answer: Yes. More details after RTM.
Question: We have Windows clients on air cards. Can these clients connect to DPM when off the network (via Cloud), if so does the DPM server need to be in the DMZ?
Answer: DPM can backup over VPN when clients are not on the corporate network
Question: Supported in VMWare ?
Answer: Supported for DPM and protected servers running in VMWare.
Question: can reports database be backed up and restored? dpm2007 doesn't allow restoring of recovery database.
Answer: No, that's not changed in DPM 2010
Question: Does Dpm2010 RC include any report that will show how long each protected host take to syncronize?
Answer: No. Thanks for the Feedback. we will keep that in mind for future versions
Question: I think that individual SQL databases should be able to be excluded from backup without impacting the auto-protection feature for newly created databases. Is it too late for this to be considered?
Answer: Thanks for the feedback. Will pass it to the feature team for consideration.
Question: Will you be able to disaster recover a DPM2010 server from a second DPM2010 server. How easy is that?
Answer: Yes you can do. The steps are same as it was in V2. You can check the documentation at You can do it in two ways: 1) Syncing back the data over the wire (can take considerable time if its a WAN and data is huge). 2) Copy the data to tape and ship the tapes to primary site.
Question: How does licensing work for the secondary server? Do you need licenses for each of the servers being protected on the first server, or just one for the DPM server itself?
Answer: You need a single server license for the secondary Dpm server and an enterprise agent license to backup the primary DPM
Question: can you specify a windows when files are NOT backup every 15 minutes... could I only allow coping a certain times of day. Ie 8:Am - 9PM with no copies during 9Pm - 8:Am.
Answer: You can throttle 100% at different time frames
Question: Can a client policy be set to prevent backups over a VPN?
Answer: You can block the traffic on th VPN gateway
Question: Why doesn't DirectAccess "just work" with DPM 2010?
Answer: We are looking into this. Thanks for the feedback
Question: How come DPM doesn’t support a ”real” continuous replication agent as other vendors do
Answer: We remain near continuous and have capabilities to restore applications like SQL to the transaction level.
Question: No need for Jason's example of having a tape library offsite, and not removing the tapes but leaving them in to allow for an easy restore...why tape? If disk was an option, it would work even better!
Answer: Thanks
Question: can long term backups be done to disk based units instead of tape streamers ?
Answer: Thanks for the feedback. We'll look into this in our future releases
Question: Why do we need Hyper-V Role on DPM2010 server to be able to Instance Level Restore if W2008 R2 supports mounting VHD's?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Is it possible to get all Q/A after Webcast is finished? There were some really interesting questions but cannot read them all since I am also following Jason :)
Answer: Yes
Question: if i want daily and weekly offsite tapes, can i stop DPM writing to tape on Sat and Sun?
Answer: Yes
Question: so we have 2 sites, if we just want to use eachother other site as the offsite backups for the other and save maybe 3 years, because of the limited replicas available to save, we would only be able to take a backup once ever few days on the "secondary" right? couldnt really have every day, for 3+ years of recovery with the current model right?
Answer: Over a long term we reccomend using tapes. However if you dont have tapes in your environment, then you can use virtual tape libraries that convert disk drives to tape. This way you can store data upto 3 years or more on disk itself.
Question: For the single item recovery when using Hyper-v(backing up the virtual host), does that include single items of Exchange, db etc or only files?
Answer: Only Files for now
Question: Any changes or improvements to the End-User Recovery options? Anything different from the client's perspective?
Answer: Yes, there's a lot more for clients in DPM 2010 including end user recovery. Please do try out our RC
Question: When DPM 2010 will be available as final product ?
Answer: Spring 2010
Question: Will there be an RC release of the Management Pack with the DPM 2010 RC?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Excellent work on DPM! Lots of good work going on...GREAT webcast!
Answer: Thanks!
Question: Any plan to support vcb (VMware Data Recovery in vsphere) to support backup of Vmware host
Answer: Not in the plan
Question: Is pricing for server and clients going to be close to todays prices?
Answer: Will be public at RTM. Don't expect too many changes.
Question: Today you don’t support to use USB disk, will that be the same for USB 3.0
Answer: Not in DPM 2010. On our roadmap.
Question: DPM 2007 is unable to backup its own system state and a secondary DPM server is required. Will a primary DPM 2010 server be able to backup its own system state?
Answer: use "Set-DPMGlobalProperty –AllowLocalDataProtection" for protecting SystemState of DPM by itself
Question: Any possibility of apple time machine support added in the furture?
Answer: Not on the plan immediately
Question: Just a note re Forefront TMG support. May be worth clarifying that it is not supported as an explicit workload, however that the whole server can be backed up and could effectively restore TMG. My experience is that the SQL logs are not worth backing up though.
Answer: Thanks for sharing!
Question: can a tape be marked as free without the need of manually delete the recovery points on it by powershell?
Answer: Same behavior as DPM 2007.
Question: What do you mean Yes, I asked Why? :-) - question about Hyper-V role requirement
Answer: We use the Hyper-V VHD driver for ILR.
Question: Is Microsoft service support DPM 2010Beta in production because of CVS ?
Answer: Newsgroup...directly supported by product group.
Question: Very good additions and fixes from DPM 2007.
Answer: thanks!
Question: Excellet webcast and great job DPM2010! will wait for RC release. Thanks!
Answer: Thanks!
Question: Is a secondary DPM node a necessity.We have 2 data centre rooms and another smaller off site we would aim to store our DPM server in.
Answer: secondary DPM is not a neccesity. Its optional in case you want to prevent against disasters on the DPM Server itself.
Question: How come you don’t provide a self-service tool for Exchange and SharePoint?
Answer: Not in DPM 2010. On our roadmap.
Question: for disk backup storage - are 7200 RPM SAS and SATA drives acceptable to meet performance needs?
Answer: Depends on the load you are backing up... generally yes
Question: Great presentation Jason! Great responses to the questions. Much appreciated. Keep on the good work.
Answer: Thanks!
Question: What kind of Deduplication technology does DPM use - is it the build in SIS feature in Windows or? What is the % save for this?
Answer: Block level tracking of changes. Block level changes on recovery points.
Question: He just said we won't be able to take advantage of colocation if we upgrade from 2007 to 2010. I thought if I unprotect then reprotect, it would work. Which is true?
Answer: Seamless upgrade for W2K8+ and X64
Question: Who is answering the questions by the way?
Answer: Product Group
Question: great to see that dpm 2010 can do so much that was missing in 2007. thanks
Answer: Thanks!
Question: Great presentation. Was just about to start DPM for our Exchange environment (6TB) with 2007 but will wait for 2010 now. Fantastic job.
Answer: Look forward to hearing from you
Question: If I upgrade from dpm2007 to dpm2010. Can I use co-location for new protection groups created after the upgrade?
Answer: You can stop protection and start it again
Question: can you inplace upgrade your DPM 2010 beta to 2010 RC ot RTM later when RC is available
Answer: Yes
Question: will we be able to backup to tape 5 days a week and exclude weekends?
Answer: Yes :)
Question: We are interested in doing a bare-metal recovery of 2008 R2 -- is that possible in DPM 2010
Answer: Yes.
Question: Excellent up lift - really repairs / corrects a lot of DPM 2007 flaws.
Answer: thanks!
Question: This is crazy, I can't believe that I'm going to be able to implement this many features. I've been backing up Outlook with hugh archive PST files and this is going to take this backup to hardly nothing. Thanks, Rob
Answer: Thanks!
Answer: Can you please a short write on the DPM Newsgroups the reason for the necessity ?
Question: If I upgrade from dpm2007 to dpm2010. Can I use co-location for new protection groups created after the upgrade?
Answer: Stop protection with retain data. Followed by reprotect with colocation turned on.
Question: Very Exited for the new release. Great job DPM team.
Answer: Thanks!
Question: Back to reporting, our SOX auditors have been very underwhelmed by what we have available to us. Is that one report the only new report?
Answer: Currently yes. We will like to hear back if you need any specific reports. Or even looking at any changes in the current ones. Recovery Point Status report is designed to help you track the SLA of each of the dat sources as per your SLA requirements (you may be having more backups scheduled than required to meet SLA).
Question: What was the problem with the co-location and running out of space that was corrected by going to non-colocated?
Answer: Lack of co-location needed too many volumes which put the system under stress!
Question: will there be an option in the windows shutdown dialog to perform a sync before shutdown, similar to 'install updates and shutdown'?
Answer: Interesting feedback. Not integrated today.
Question: to clarify - does DPM 2010 now support scheduling tape backup to only occur on certain days of the week ie not weekends?
Answer: Yes. :)
Question: I have been unable to back up 2008 R2 system state servers using the 2010 beta.
Answer: Please report all issues on the newsgroup.
Question: is migration material available yet fro 2007 to 2010 on new hardware?
Answer: Not yet... will be available in our release timeframe
Question: thanks. Great session..
Answer: Thanks for attending
Question: When protecting a Hyper-V VM from the host perspective, you mentioned being able to do an item-level restore of items within the VM. Does this include System State for the VM?
Answer: No only files. If system state backup was dumped to a drive inside the guest OS then you can recover that through Item level recovery.
Question: Upgrade patth from DPM 2007 SP1 on Windows 2003 x64 to DPM 2010 on Windows 2008 R2?
Answer: Will need an OS upgrade in between
Question: Is there a list of partner Cloud backup vendors?
Answer: You can backup DPM data to Iron Mountain
Question: When you selected Hyper-v you didn’t have a “auto” as you did in SQL so you can backup all VM’s even if they doesn’t are there today. I also sav that you didn’t have any “auto” when you selected protected servers when creating a secondary DPM for DR. It would be good so I don’t have to single elect everything. It looked like you have the option to select all when selecting clients.
Answer: Auto protecting VMs can be acheived through scripts. The scripts are posted on DPM blog.
Question: I see the benefits of colocation but don't understand why it failed during the demo for the one attempt when switching to no-colocated worked
Answer: Co-location pre-allocates for a larger no. of clients. Jason had a single client being backed up but not enough space to pre-allocate for more
Question: Hi we are interested in users in dPM, so we can admins just doing restores and setups allocated to admins just as an example. is DPM has user accounts eg.admins, operators, users
Answer: DPM 2010 provided SQL EUR where the SQL admin can restore the databases that they own without involving the DPm Admin
Question: Can you backup SQL Azure ?
Answer: SQL Azure is a service provided by Microsoft. What do you mean by backup of Sql Azure using DPM?
Question: When will the next version of DPM be out? 2013?
Answer: No dates and plans yet.
Question: I missed the beginning of the web cast, can I download this webcast right now if possible, LINK ...
Answer: Yes. It will be available.
Question: How come you don't talk about the DPM to Azure feature that was in the DPM beta documentation?
Answer: It remains in limited Beta.
Question: Does DPM2010 autoprotect new DAGS/SGs (I see MOSS and SQL but no Exchange)?
Answer: Can be automated via Powershell. We didnt hear too much of this from customers.
Question: can DPM 2010 backup the DMZ servers or WORKGROUP server, since we can't do that in DPM 2007 and customer are not very happy about that
Answer: Workgroups supported.
Question: Has the SRT tool for WinSrv 2003 BMR been enhanced with DPM 2010?
Answer: No significant changes. Any feedback?
Question: if set in scom maintenance time for servers dpm shift the backups for the servers?
Answer: No, DPM uses the schedules you have specified for protection in the protecction gruop creation
Question: When adding a new DPM servers, will I be able to manage it in the same console?
Answer: Centralized console is Not in DPM 2010. On our roadmap.
Question: Really like the workgroup support -- now we can backup our Edge Transport Servers --- Well done!
Answer: Thanks!
Question: is that workgroup backup NEW in DPM 2010, or you can also do it in 2007 SP
Answer: new in 2010
Question: In a BMR scenario like making a BMR back-up of all the hyper-v nodes. Is the BMR capable to bring back a node in case of node failure? And will the Hyper-V cluster be fully functional after restore?
Answer: The entire cluster would not be operational after doing a BMR of individual nodes.
Question: did i miss the answer to my question
Answer: can you ask again please?
Question: Backup SQL Azure, That the client is in controle of restore time instead of Microsoft ?
Answer: This is not supported in DPM 2010
Question: need tape pools - so that certain tapes or tape types can be dedicated to certain protection groups in dpm. So that a small gropu that would only require a lto2 does not suck up an expensive lto4 tape that was intended for a larger group
Answer: Thanks for the feedback.
Question: is there any improvement on data compression in DPM2010? or will it be the same as in dpm2007?
Answer: Same as DPM 2010
Question: great webcast looking forward to RC release. Thanks and good day.
Answer: Thanks!
Question: in our organisation we are interested in allocating admin right s to certain people and otheres as operators, so only few people make changes but others look after things on every day bases, i.e restores.
Answer: Role Based Delegation is not in DPM 2010. On our roadmap.
Question: will this webcast be made available online for download/streaming? If so, when?
Answer: Yes. The webcast will be available for download soon. We'll keep you notified
Question: Can you handout complete Q/A for future review please :)
Answer: Soon
Question: Any support for new features of Active Directory on 2k8R2 (i.e. recycle bin and AD Snapshots) in DPM 2010?
Answer: Not in the Plan for RTM. In the roadmap
Question: When will the recording of the webcast be made available?
Answer: We'll notify you once its available
Question: Why can’t I select a full backup of the client disk? If you have a good Deduplication it wouldn’t matter if I backup everything. This is something you have in Windows Home server
Answer: DPM 2010 doesn't deduplicate across clients
Question: when will be able to download the q and a's ?
Answer: In a few days
Question: we have hyper v which 2007 can nott backup, if we install the beta 2010 can we upgrade to rc versin when it comes out
Answer: Yes

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Webcast: Get Ready for Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010 Release


The DPM 2010 beta is available since September, the Release Candidate is almost finished.

All about the new Release candidate in the webcast of January 14. Below the invitation by Jason Buffington |Senior Technical Product Manager – System Center.

Please join us this Thursday, January 14 at 9:00 AM Pacific US Time (18:00 CET) to see what is coming in the Release Candidate  We will demonstrate the pre-RC software that our early adopters have been running in production.  We’ll demonstrate the new Windows client protection capabilities, the new SQL/SharePoint/Exchange protection and recovery features, as well as the enhanced Disaster Recovery scenario.  We’ll also update you on our auto-healing/auto-scaling features, as well as a few surprises that weren’t in the beta.  Come join us to see what is coming in DPM 2010.

TechNet Webcast: Get Ready for Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010 Release Candidate (Level 300)

Start Date:  Thursday, January 14, 2010 9:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Duration:  90 Minutes

Audience(s):  IT Generalist

Click Here to Register for this week’s webcast