Friday, July 3, 2009

DPM v3

Microsoft has released a First look on Webcast on DPM v3.
The most important features and changes are:

Support for Exchange 14
Improve restore granularity

Protect entire instances and auto discover new databases
End User Recovery for SQL administrators

No recovery farm required with Office 14 (because Office 14 does not require one)
Auto protect of new content databases

Item restore from VHD disks (when protection the host )
Support for live migrationRestore to alternative host

Active Directory
AD will be a selectable data source (in DPM2007 you need to select the system state)

Bare metal restore
Windows 2003 will still use the DPM System recovery tool
Windows 2008 will use image recovery

New data sources
Microsoft Dynamics (will be made available for DPM2007 as well)
Microsoft SAP (will be made available for DPM2007 as well)

Microsoft will put a lot of effort in the Laptop protection opions with DPM v3
Backup over VPN
Support for up to 1000 clients per DPM server
Unique user data only, OS is not included multiple times
End user recovery from local and DPM data

DPM v3 Scalability
100 servers, or 1000 laptops or 2000 databases
80 TB of live data

Other facts
DPM chain support (3 levels instant of 2 levels)
64 bits only server side (still 32 bits clients)
Windows 2008 or better server OS for DPM server
More granularity in creating recovery points (time and how often)
Public beta for DPM v3 late summer or fall

Overall: The main focus will be on Microsoft based products, using the product build-in backup and recovery technology. V3 has special attention for Client support. Link to the webcast

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