Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Removing the record of a formerly (death) protected server from DPM

The best way to remove a protected server from DPM is by uninstalling the agent from the server using the DPM Administrative Console. This way you make sure that the server is alsio removed from the Agents tab in the Administrative Console

In some cases it could happen that you removed a server without first uninstalling the agent from the server. The issue is then how to get the record of the dead server off of your DPM server by normal means since it does not exist anymore.

You can use the following steps:
  1. Remove all protection objects of this computer.
  2. On the DPM conslole, TAB Management - Agents
  3. Click on unintall.
  4. Give credentials required to unintall agent and DON'T close "Uninstall Agents" dialog box while uninstall is going one.
  5. Uninstall will fail and message box will pop-up asking you to Remove Server record from DPM database.
  6. Click yes on this dialog box and your decommissioned protected server will be removed from DPM.

Very important is that you do not close the unistall progress Window, if you do so you do not get the question to remove the server from the DPM database.

Tip: When the server still exists in DNS and running you can fool DPM by creating a faulty host ipaddress in your host file.

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