Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Managing DPM 2007 in Large Enterprise

Microsoft has a new webcast available on managing DPM in an enterprise environment. This webcast highlights the options and tools available for managing a large number of DPM servers.

Command-line control via Powershell

  • All tasks available in the GUI can also be done by Powershell;
  • Additionally you can make changes to a large number of DPM server at ones;
  • Find replication errors and start consistency checks;
  • Modify disk allocationStart Tape inventory.

Scripting within DPM

  • This can be used to perform Pre and post backup jobs;
  • Useful if you need to dump a database before starting the backup.

Monitoring via Operations Manager

  • With the available management pack from Microsoft you can monitor multiple DPM servers from a single interface.

Bocase Centralized manager for DPM.

  • This is a third party tool for managing a large number of DPM servers;
  • Provides web interface to multiple DPM servers from a single pane of glass;
  • Adds role based access for DPM;
  • Monitor Storage pools and tape libraries.

Link to webcast:

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