Thursday, September 9, 2010

Exchange 2010 DAG with secondary DPM server

When protecting a Exchange 2010 DAG on the Primary DPM server, you will not be able to select the DAG databases on the Secondary DPM server. This is by design.

Workaround: DPM supports protecting multiple copies of a database (one with express full & Incremental and remaining with copy backup ). You can protect the database copy in onsite from the primary DPM server and the database copy in offsite from the secondary DPM server in offsite.


  1. Hi. And when i change the dpm server? How can i protect the hole exchange dag on the secondary dpm server?

  2. I'm not sure if I understand the questions. But when you have to DAG members with the same mail batabases. You can protect the first DAG-member on the primary DPM server and the second DAG-member on the secondary DPM server.
    This way you can store your Exchange data off-site.
    BTW: According to my info, this behaviour of DPM will change. After a (to be released) update it should be possible to select secondary protection for DAG databases.

  3. I have two dpm server. Actually i backup the DAG with the first dpm server. Now i want to backup the dag with the second dpm server. I deleted the protection group and all replicas on the first dpm server. On the second dpm server i become this error: "you cannot protect exchange server 2010 databases that are part of a DAG on the secondary dpm server. (ID: 33002)"
    Can you help me?

  4. I got the same issue. see my post on DPM forum..

    I ended up reinsrtalling the second DPM server. Not something to be happy about. But it worked

  5. Thank you. But i won't reinstalling my second dpm server.