Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Datacenter disasters

A bit off-topic but I'm currently reading Jason Buffington’s book Data Protection for Virtual Data Centers. One of the paragraph’s in the second chapter status What Could possibly go wrong? This section encourage you to think about what could possible go wrong in your environment.
This made me curious on stories available on the internet (which I like to share)

For fun

Picture from continuitysolutionsgroup.com

Good datacenter disaster stories are actually hard to find. If you find one please add it the link to the comments

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  1. In every company or office, there will always be a data center where all the information in the company are being saved and stored. Without a data center, it will be hard for the company to write and store information manually. In a data center, there will always be the ones who manage and maintain the system, and they are the people from the tech support. Brantford offices have updated their data centers, so that they will not encounter problems such as these.