Thursday, October 1, 2009

DPM 2010 Poll: The results

Together with the release of DPM 2010 beta also the the Poll “What should DPM v3 include ?” ended.  More coincidence than planning, anyhow the results are here!
First I like to thank everyone how took the time to vote, 121 votes were counted, which is more then I expected.

The results are show below, you will count more then 121 votes because one voter could select multiple options.



  1. Exchange single mail restore: DPM2007 restores the full mailbox store only
  2. Improved Tape backup support: Allow to configure in more detail when backups run.
  3. Support for None Microsoft OS/applications: In the 2007 release only applications that have a VSS writer available are supported.
  4. Protect none (trusted) domain servers: A machine in a none trusted domain or in a workgroup cannot be directly protected by DMP2007
  5. Management console on another computer: The graphical interface can only be installed on the DPM2007 server itself.
  6. Better SAN integration: Does the SAN integration need improvement
  7. Improved documentation: Is the documentation sufficient or should v3 include more/better documentation
  8. USB/Firewire storage support: There is no native support for backups to USB/Firewire disk.
  9. More standard reports: Are the reports of the current DPM version sufficient or should v3 include more reports

The big ‘winner’ in this poll is the Exchange single mail box restore. I can quite understand why this point score so ‘good’. According to my memory the initial marketing state something like “Single mail item restore without brick level backup” Which is technically correct, but does involve restore the full mailbox database and after that using Powershell to get the correct mail items. 
Another imported ‘winner’ is Improve tape support. This is also something I hear in the field, people struggle with configuring tape backup the way it reflex their business needs.

In the next weeks we will find out which of these suggestions are included in DPM 2010

Again thank you for taking the time to vote! Now it time to test the new DPM 2010 beta!!

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