Tuesday, January 15, 2013

System Center 2012 SP1 DPM documentation

The following documentation is available for the new release of Data Protection Manager.

Title Size Link
SC2012_DPM_Cmdlets.doc 3.6 MB DOWNLOAD
SC2012_DPM_Cmdlets.pdf 3.6 MB DOWNLOAD
SC2012_DPM_CompleteDocumentation.docx 1.2 MB DOWNLOAD
SC2012_DPM_CompleteDocumentation.pdf 5.7 MB DOWNLOAD
SC2012_DPM_Deployment.docx 155 KB DOWNLOAD
SC2012_DPM_Deployment.pdf 778 KB DOWNLOAD
SC2012_DPM_GettingStarted.docx 134 KB DOWNLOAD
SC2012_DPM_GettingStarted.pdf 407 KB DOWNLOAD
SC2012_DPM_Operations.docx 929 KB DOWNLOAD
SC2012_DPM_Operations.pdf 4.4 MB DOWNLOAD
SC2012_DPM_Planning.docx 181 KB DOWNLOAD
SC2012_DPM_Planning.pdf 810 KB DOWNLOAD
SC2012_DPM_Troubleshoot.docx 475 KB DOWNLOAD
SC2012_DPM_Troubleshoot.pdf 5.2 MB DOWNLOAD

Plenty to read for some hours…

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