Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Microsoft Online Backup Service

With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft will launch a new online backup service. Code name Cloud Base Windows Backup. The new cloud based service for Windows Server “8”, which backs up your server’s files and folders to the cloud.

Windows Server “8” uses the downloadable Microsoft Online Backup Agent Windows Server Backup interface to offer this service..

Most important features

Feature Description
Simple configuration and management Microsoft Online Backup Service integrates with the  Windows Server Backup utility. Which provides a familiar interface.
Block level incremental backups Just like DPM, MS online backup is offering block level incremental. Only the changed blocks need to be replicated
Data compression, encryption and throttling The Microsoft Online Backup Agent ensures that data is compressed and encrypted on the server before being sent to the Microsoft Online Backup. Data is always stored encrypted in the cloud.
Data integrity is verified in the cloud. Automatically checked for integrity once the backup is done
Configurable retention policies for storing data in the cloud The retention range for the data can be configured from the client or by PowerShell.

Application data support
According to the information available this service offers only protection for files and folders. There is no support for application data yet. Therefore this is not a solution for Active directory, Exchange, SQL or Sharepoint backups.

Steps to get started

  • First step is to register and create a passphrase to encrypt the backups from the server
  • Set backup schedule. What should be in the backup, when should the backup run, for how long should the data be available?
  • Start the backup. This can be done manual or by the set schedule.

All above options are also available using Powershell

Recovering data
To recover data use the Microsoft Online Backup Service feature. As part of the Recover Data Wizard, you can choose the volume from where data needs to be restored and the date and time of the data to be restored.

Integration with System Center Data Protection Manager
The current release has no integration with SCDPM. Microsoft does not offer cloud storage for DPM.

Beta sign-up
You can sign up for the beta at: http://connect.microsoft.com/onlinebackup

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  1. Can this coexist with DPM agent on the machine? I might want both.

  2. Good point. Something I like2 to know as well. I will tested that..