Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DPM 2010 Management Pack Beta

David from SCDPM online posted the link to the beta version of the DPM 2010 management pack for SCOM 2007 (r2)

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  1. Hi,
    My company is going to implement DPM 2010 and I’m a Production DBA so I have some queries, FAQ on DPM 2010. I would like to take help to DPM technical team.
    As we know that DPM 2010 use the SQL Writer (VSS) to take the backup of SQL Server database. But as per VSS technology it works on Disk’s Block level it means VSS copies only changed Blocks of .mdf, .ndf & .ldf file at the time of I taking differential (synchronizes every 15 min) after taking express full.
    My question/FAQ are below :
    1. Is that Disk Block mean a Page or an Extent in SQL Server terms?
    2. Let say I have Update a Table and it changed an 8Kb Data Page on the .mdf file and transaction written to .ldf file. After 15 min DPM synchronize the .mdf file with newly changed page. Then I think there is no need to synchronize the .ldf file. Please suggest.
    3. As per VSS technology it copies disk blocks then what about SQL Database Transaction Log?
    4. What are difference between SQL server Native Backup and DPM 2010 (VSS) Backup?
    5. Finally data persist in .mdf, .ndf or Filestraem then why DPM 2010 backup and synchronize Trans Log (.ldf) file.
    6. Is DPM maintaining LSN of Transaction Log? I think no.
    As a Production DBA I am little confuse about VSS, SQL Writer & DPM 2010. My concern are that how should I plan Database Disaster Recovery using DPM 2010. What should be the Recovery Model of my database? If DPM 2010 relies on VSS technology then why taking backup of .ldf file it should copied only Data files.

    I have read and watch lot of Webcasts on DPM 2010 for SQL Server Protection but unfortunately not yet get clear answer of my question “What are difference between SQL Server Native Backup and DPM 2010 (VSS or SQL Writer) Backup.”

    Please help.

    With Respectfull,

    Ramdas Baghel