Saturday, April 3, 2010

DPM 2007: Hotfix Rollup Package - KB979970

On March the 29th a new Hotfix rollup package for DPM 2007 has been release by Microsoft

Available here:

Information form the Microsoft website:

This hotfix rollup resolves the following issues:

  1. You may experience a crash in the Data Protection Manager engine when you run a tape job from a protected server.
  2. When you use the Data Protection Manager Management Console to browse Microsoft SharePoint Server recovery points or when you back up a SharePoint point to tape from disk, you receive the following error message:

    PrmDatasetDatasourceMismatchForArchiveOfSC (=30132)

  3. A SharePoint recovery point in a secondary Data Protection Manager has a different set of datasets than the corresponding recovery point in the primary Data Protection Manager.
  4. Alerts for standby continuous replication (SCR) servers are not displayed in Microsoft Operations Manager.
  5. Default disk allocations may grow unexpectedly for system state protection.
  6. When you restore a SharePoint site that contains a WEB host header to an alternate location, the site is restored to the default site.
  7. Shared Services Provider (SSP) database protection is blocked when one or more SSP names begin with the same SSP name.
  8. The server is slow, and time-out errors may occur, when you run a backup-to-tape job.
  9. Data Protection Manager-owned tapes are marked as unrecognized.
  10. Data Protection Manager cannot retrieve SharePoint catalog information. Therefore, item-level recovery is not possible for some content databases. Additionally, you may receive the following error code:


  11. You receive the following protection agent error code when bulk tape jobs cannot be completed successfully:


  12. You may experience a Data Protection Manager engine crash during backup to tape.
  13. The Data Protection Manager Management Console does not display recovery points before the year 2010 in some scenarios.

This hotfix rollup also includes all previously released hotfix rollups for Data Protection Manager 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1):


The following list contains prerequisites for the hotfix rollup:
  • You must have System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 Service Pack 1 installed.
  • You must have critical update KB962975 installed

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