Friday, August 28, 2009

Exam 70-658 – Configuring System Center Data Protection Manager 2007

Since a couple of weeks you can take the Microsoft DPM2007 Exam.  Happy with this option, I scheduled the exam for this morning.
When preparing for the exam, I wasn’t sure what to expect. There are no books, CBT or test exams available yet.
And I have to say the exam was a bit more difficult than I first expected. I had to read all the questions carefully..
But the result was good. PASS!!!


Without the books and all that stuff there is still a lot of information available to prepare for the exam.

Below a list of what I used.

There is also a Microsoft learning track available: Course 50213A. (I did not had the opportunity to take a look at this yet.)

Beside all of this I think it really helps if you have some good experience with setting up, configuring and not the less troubleshooting DPM.

-Good luck!!!, to those of you that will take the test as well-
And let me know what you think of the exam?

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  1. Hi, The problem with DPM 2007 is that the software is cumbersome and very buggy. It relies on an equally cumbersome SQL Server for its database app and data storage. Put System Centre app with an SQL app plus tons of agents and you have a disaster in the making from many sides. My experience with DPM 2007 SP1 is that it is not ready for prime time. It is still raw and erro-ridden. Support for the software from Microsoft is weak because their knowledgebase for the product support is very low. If you log a call to Microsoft support, you will notice that the engineers themselves are still in learning phase of the product. So, I had to turf the DPM and replace it, for now, with Symantec Backupexec System Reocvoery 2010. It is simpler and more reliable. It does not do synchronization every 15 min like DPM 2007. Furthermore, you have to buy a Granular module if you wanted to restore individual files or foldres. But still it is a good value. It is reliable. Perhaps DPM 2010, which is now in Beta, will include fixes for the buggy DPM 2007, as well as a simplified version of it.